"...and Christy's work has helped bring my leg back to a condition that otherwise wouldn't have been possible trying to do this on my own. I can feel that she cares about my well being in a way that wasn't like what I had experienced at any of the physical therapy clinics."

~ Steve B. from Davis, CA
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∞ Christy & Peter ∞   
Neither Peter, Age 58, nor
Christy, age 78, have had any reason to see a physician for any illness since 1979.
About Us
      Peter and Christy Friederich have made their life a study to find out the basic natural health laws that support optimum health and vitality of the human body, mind and spirit.

      After they met in 1982 they discovered that each of them had been seeking natural health knowledge in order to heal low-grade and chronic health problems for many years.

      In the 1990's, Peter discovered that he had allergic responses to dairy products and grains containing gluten. Christy also discovered that she had underlying problems with milk products and gluten. Eventually, problems with digestion and Candida Albicans yeast over-growth were eliminated.

      Due to past accidents and traumas Christy needed bodywork and massage to eliminate severe neck, hip and low back. With a diligence and focused commitment they found the diet, nutrition, exercise and activity modes, and bodywork therapies that supported progress and improved their health.

      Presently they still continue to study the latest scientific information, complementary and practical information about natural health care. Over the last 20 years they have applied what they have learned through the process of experimentation with diet, exercise and health and healing practices for the chronic physical weaknesses they both had experienced due to earlier life accidents, experiences, and lack of proper knowledge about the proper support of the body,mind, and spirit.
Contact Us

Balance the Center

2 Outer Circle

Davis, CA 95618

(530) 848-1913


Hours: Tues. - Sat.: 9am – 7pm, by appointment only;

Sun. - Mon.: closed


      Christy and Peter's health level has steadily improved over the last 20 years. Today they are in the best of health and look forward to many active, pain-free years together.
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