"...and Christy's work has helped bring my leg back to a condition that otherwise wouldn't have been possible trying to do this on my own. I can feel that she cares about my well being in a way that wasn't like what I had experienced at any of the physical therapy clinics."

~ Steve B. from Davis, CA
Bones Do Change

by Christy Friederich, CMT, Certified Advanced Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner Revised Jan. 12, 2007

Structure and function are identical: change a structure and you change its function. Change a function and you change it structure.” In and Out of the Garbage Pail by Fritz Perls.

In doing practical hands-on work with clients and myself, I have found that muscles, ligaments, bones and the skeletal system need to maintain a certain shape and placement in relationship with each other. This is so that they can work harmoniously with each other. I have also observed that the proximal surfaces of bone ends can change in order to allow for the space needed for ease of movement in the joints.

When I release contractions in muscles, ligaments, fascia and other tissues of the body muscles, ligaments and fascia can shift and change shape and size. When the contractions in the muscles, ligaments and fascia occur the pressure is released from soft ends of bones at joints. Then the bones and other tissues surrounding the joints gradually readjust and change shape in order to allow more space and ease of movement. Consequently, the shape of the spaces and dynamics of movement in the spaces between the bones can become quite different.

In many years of practicing Ortho-Bionomy® with clients, I have had the opportunity to see many changes in joints and structural alignment. Chronic neck pain was relieved. 'Hammer-toes' relaxed and changed. Pressures on the spine, kyphosis and scoliosis were released and then the patient's spine changed shape and realigned itself. To support the changes in the spine, the client needs to do rebalancing exercises to help the realign pelvic joints, knee and leg joints adjust as the bones of the neck and spine go through the process of realignment. Please refer to the are movements and exercises for those areas in my Self Care Manual, Balance The Center.

The process of changing and re-shaping of bones and joints can seem very slow and painful at times. Yet, if you use the specific release techniques in the Manual the changes can be tolerable.

Typically alterations in the shape of bones are slower in older adults, yet if you are a healthy and active, the bone changes can occur. The human body will always move toward balance, harmony and ease if you learn to listen to and respond to its messages. Therefore, I can affirm that, 'Bones Do Change!'

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