"...and Christy's work has helped bring my leg back to a condition that otherwise wouldn't have been possible trying to do this on my own. I can feel that she cares about my well being in a way that wasn't like what I had experienced at any of the physical therapy clinics."

~ Steve B. from Davis, CA
Gems, Crystals, & Stones
Everything In The Universe Vibrates
picture of Dr. Randolph Stone
We are surrounded by many vibrations all the time. Some we can can see, some we can hear and others we can feel.

There would be no you or me if there was not first vibrations which are a part of everything. Sensitive scientific instruments can measure the vibrations of the planets, our Earth and the universe. Scientists call that event of creation the 'big bang'. The Holy Bible states that our world began with the intention/thought and 'word' (sound) of 'God'.

Every physical form is different due to proportional amounts and combinations of sound and matter. Each of us are shaped from 'matter', being created by the frequency of sound . Like the snowflakes each of us is unique and different. There many varieties of stones on this earth. Each stone has a unique vibrational shapes, patterns and color.

The use of stones for protection, promoting power and healing is mentioned in the Holy Bible. Jesus used clay for healing. Clay is derived from fine particles of stones and other materials from earth. The wearing of semi-precious and precious stones were worn by Kings and priests for the vibrational effects that they gave.

Peter and I have found that certain varieties of rocks, stones and crystals help to soothe pain and promote a sense of well-being. Other stones can assist us with spiritual awakening and growth.

picture of a collection of crystals and gemstones
My children, now adults, were invited for a Christmas 'get-together' to exchange gifts. Due unhappy events of the past each of them had not been together for at least ten years. After quiet a few discussions and phone call we all agreed on the day and the time. I was anxious for the occasion to be peaceful and happy.

By coincidence about three weeks before the event, Peter and I, on a tour of several local stores that feature crystals and stones, found several specimens of the crystal Kyanite. We were very attracted to the beauty and vibration of its form. We bought it not knowing why we were buying the crystal, but we were very certain we wanted to take it home with us.
According to Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible) "Kyanite slices through confusion and dispels blockages, ignorance, anger, frustration, and stress."

The Christmas gathering was successful. The grandchildren, ages 10 and 12, usually restless at other visits, were very quiet and calm as we adults talked. We spent several hours together getting reacquainted and sharing gifts. That gathering was the beginning of the end of an estrangement between my oldest daughter and her younger brother and sister that had been going for at least five years

One day on another of our rock exploration trips at one of our favorite shops we discovered Selenite. Selenite is gypsum and comes in various forms. That day we purchased several 'rods' and odd shaped pieces. Then a few weeks later at another shop we discovered that it also comes in 'plate' or 'slab' forms.

Both Peter and I have discovered that Selenite is very calming and eliminates stress and pain. One day due to many hours spent at the computer I had an ache in mid-spine. Peter suggested that I use a heavier Selenite rod-shaped while I laid face down on my massage table.
The deep ache in my spine was relieved in 15 minutes and my spine has been more flexible and relaxed since then. Lately I have used two light weight flat pieces of selenite for hip pain. The pain was relieved quickly and I have not had the same degree of pain again.

A friend of ours, 'Sandy', had a cataract surgery. After the surgery Sandy was prescribed medications (about 6 of them) that were usually indicated for relief of pain and pressure from the extra fluids that result after the surgery. Sandy had never taken much of any medication at any time in her life.

About 10 days after the surgery Sandy called to say that she was experiencing a lot of pain and pressure. She wondered if I had any suggestions that would help. I asked her to come to my office in order to see if some hands-on work would help. She was attracted to some of the crystals and stones I had collected. I suggested that she try "Infinite (Serpentine). She held the stone to her head and about five to ten minutes she said that headache pain was easing.

I also looked at one of the reference books I have for information about gems, crystals, and stones and found that Labradorite was suggested for help for the eyes. I had several of them. She took two of them and placed them on her temples. In a few minutes she took a deep breath and said, 'Oh, that's so much better.' When she left she took the stones home and taped them to the temples of her head. From that day's experience she became very enthusiastic about the exploration of other uses for stones. Since that time we have gone on many trips to gems, crystals and rock shows and shops together..