"...and Christy's work has helped bring my leg back to a condition that otherwise wouldn't have been possible trying to do this on my own. I can feel that she cares about my well being in a way that wasn't like what I had experienced at any of the physical therapy clinics."

~ Steve B. from Davis, CA
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    Interested in improving your health and energy through alternative health methods.
    Dr. Rita Louise, ND is an expert at looking at and working with energy and the imbalances of energy that affect us. Dr. Louise is a naturopath, medical intuitive, professional clairvoyant, mind-body healer and herbal practitioner.


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  • Phase-Eight
    The following is extrapolated from Phase-Eight web site: Ortho-Bionomy® is an educational system; gentle and non-forceful. It is a homeopathic, biofeedback technique that looks at the patterns that exist within the whole person. The practitioner is a facilitator, an educator who helps bring the attention of a person to those patterns within themselves which, through the person’s own recognition, brings motive for change. Ortho-Bionomy is not just a style of bodywork. The concepts and principles are universal and may shine through no matter where you are and what you are doing. It is being in connection and finding the ultimate neutral. Phase 8 is being a living breathing example of the work with all things. Walk your talk. "The embodiment of Ortho-Bionomy principles put into the practical application of life."


  • PolarityTherapy.org (A.P.T.A.)
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  • Sensory Awareness Foundation
    I attended classes with Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks in the late 1980's. The inner consciousness work of the classes inspires and supports the work I do today. (Christy) Below is a quote from The Sensory Awareness Foundation web site. Sensory Awareness Foundation Mission Statement : "The basis of this work is to awaken and support the capacity within each person to be present and responsive to what is needed within ourselves, in our relationships with others and in our environment, and to contribute to a more connected and caring world from one moment to the next."


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    The Coumpounder is a licensed retail pharmacy located in Aurora, IL - about 40 miles west of Chicago. They devote their skill to the custom preparation of medicines from raw ingredients and they have a passion for natural approaches. Sure, drugs help people recover from illness, but it's clearly more important to take care of the health we have so that disease doesn't get a toehold in the first place. Their newsletter is very informative AND they answer questions.


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